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…our diverse programming slate, includes documentaries,  lifestyle, fiction, adventure, live and animated content…

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Love in War

 Two movie stars, bound together amid the rigours of war,  these improbable lovers, united by their patriotism, become a legend.

 Live Action  Animation

8 Episodes x 1 hour

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Steve Canyon

Milton Caniff’s popular hero is a pilot for hire with  a soft heart, an eye for the ladies and a can-do attitude.  With a cast of characters and a wealth of stories,  let the adventures begin


16 Episodes x 1 hour

Pierre Bouvier

My name is Bouvier . Pierre Bouvier, I am a journalist traveling the world on assignment, on the scent of a story, hungry for adventure, romance and the thrill of the unknown along the way

Live Action  Animation 
13 Episodes x 1 hour

Bouvier Travel.jpg

Miss Lace

Milton Caniff’s sassy, smoldering, sexy pin up from the 1940s , featured in Male Call, created for the US Armed Forces, is all woman, so watch out..

 Live Action & Animation 
13 Episodes 6 minutes

Miss Lace General.jpg


Documentary 1 hour

The French Cinema of the Occupation mirrors their experience under German control, where collaboration, propaganda, talent, mediocrity and masterpieces were in opposition and retribution thrived.

"talkin' 'bout my generation..."

London in the 60s,  a generation 
took control, they were stylish, liberated,optimistic, juxtaposed against the establishment. 
Documentary 1 hour


Tropical Storm

Cuba Tropica Storm2.jpg

Documentary 1 hour

Cuba 1958, this playground of rich Americans, gangsters and corruption is a tinderbox of secrets and sabotage as Castro and Che take the lead….

Art à la Carte


Series  - Live  On Location 

 13 Episodes x 1 hour

Celebrating the Arts, Culture and innovations in design and technology.   Celebrity guests - informal setting


Night Life

Series  - Live  On Location

The life of cities around the world when darkness exposes a different city, its  rhythm. music, character and people 
after dark…


Geek Speak

Series 13 X 1 hour - Studio & On Location

Pop culture explored, the latest technology, writers, fandom, trends and characters, from comic strip to Comi-Con


Multiple Blocks  13 episodes  x 2 hours

Experience a “night at the movies” with a vintage newsreel and cartoon topped off with an iconic classic film and tars of the silver screen… Relax and enjoy the show…


Le Chic

1 hour Documentary

 Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess. (Edna Woolman Chase)


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