• J. Christie & E. Akhimoff

Cuba '58

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Cuba was in full swing, Batista was in power. Cuba was a pleasure playground for those who could afford to play and party, as the roulette wheel at the National Casino whirled.

International celebrities from around the world gravitated there, Errol Flynn, George Raft, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Edith Piaf and others entertained and mingled with American tourists looking for a good time at the cabarets, and nightclubs.

But by 1958 it was a tinderbox, an island openly controlled by corrupt politics and the dirty dealings of the American mob. A revolution was simmering on the streets, in the mountains, behind closed doors, with names like Fidel and Che whispered in the darkness … it was just a matter of time…

Cuba '58

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