• J. Christie & E. Akhimoff

Miss Lace

Male Call was a much loved and iconic American comic strip created and drawn by Milton Caniff exclusively for the US Military as an expression of his support for the war effort. Milton Caniff is considered a master of the comic strip, the creator of the modern style of comic, so Miss Lace is quintessentially a Caniff pinup, sexy, cheeky, sassy, a dark haired voluptuous beauty who mixed with the G.I.s. with a little “double-entendre” thrown in. The strip began in October 11, 1942. and continued until seven months after V-J Day, ending in March 1946. Miss Lace is a statuesque brunette with a penchant for wearing elegant but decidedly revealing clothing, Miss Lace was a definite male fantasy figure who was seemingly well-off and respectable, but was also unattached and accommodating. She believed it her duty to improve morale and thus consorted freely with American G.I.'s, all of whom she called "General", regardless of rank. Though Miss Lace would fend off the advances of those who were too forward -- sometimes with a formidable punch in the face -- she could be friendly and even somewhat forward herself with G.I.s who approached her with respect, and she never lacked for male attention.

Milton Caniff draws model Dorthy Partington (the Miss Lace in Male Call strip) in his studio in 1946.

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